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3D mathematical shape
Geometry - arabic style

Geometry - arabic style

Arabic Geometry - Gregg Sedwick

Arabic Geometry, by Gregg Sedwick

Trig Art

Trig Art uses trig functions & computers to create artistic images

Thumbnail-sized shape created by Fabian Oefner by mixing ferrofluid with water colour and putting it into a magnetic field. The iron particles rearrange, separating the water colours from the ferrofluid.

Ferrofluid & watercolours in magnetic field

2-D electron gas

2-D electron gas

Galileo's drawings, from Sidereus Nuncius (1610), of his observations on Earth's and Jupiter's Moons

Galileo's drawings of moon phases

Edge of a pond in Sydney, Australia. The outlines of these bubbles have a fractal dimension of 1.3. People tend to find this 4:3 ratio aesthetically pleasing. [Image: Richard Taylor, fractal specialist / Scientific American, August 2, 2011]

Fractal bubbles on a pond in Sydney


Logarithmic spiral growth in Nautilus shell


One-atom thick graphene pancakes

ipad calculator

Ipad calculator

Googling for information

Using a search engine for information

Professor Dumbledore

Prof Dumbledore, headmaster of repute


Below is a selection of some email comments received regarding exam results.


"Not sure if the boys contacted you but they did well in physics. D managed to get an A and J a B. Kind regards and thanking you ..." CT 2013

“Thank you very much for all your help while I have been doing my A-levels. I wouldn't have done without it.” GJ 2010

"Just to let you know that I successfully secured my uni place at Exeter today… my results were Maths -A, Physics - B ... so I'm off mid-September to do Civil Engineering. Many thanks for all the help along the way." AJ 2012

"GCSE results came out today, and I got an A in both Physics and Maths! (Much, I'm sure, to my teacher's surprise, and I have much owed to your help.) I just wanted to thank you for helping me reach those grades." AD 2012

"Just wanted to let you know that we have just received the letter confirming D's place at RGS. ... Thank you so much for your help. We really do think we might have had a different outcome without the extra support you provided...." SW 2010

"Gemma passed 7 subjects [including maths] at A grade, 3 subjects at B and 1 subject at C in all, so fantastic results which were better than we were expecting. She is now much looking forward to taking her place at ... 6th Form College and doing her chosen A levels course. So thank you again for all your tuition and patience." PC 2008

"You will be very pleased to hear that I got a D3 in Maths which is the equivalent to an A in A-Level and although only managed an M2 in Physics, a B in A-Level, I met the requirements to study Money, Banking and Finance at University next year. Thank you very much for all your help, I will certainly be recommending you to anyone in the local area in need of a bit of extra tuition." GW 2011

"I was just emailing to inform you of my as Physics AS result. ... You will be happy to know that I got an overall C, after achieving a B in my ISA, and C's in both exams, which I was very pleased with, as I found the exam really hard. Thank you so much for all your help this year, as I would certainly not have achieved that grade without your help." HP 2012

"James got an A and Will got a C. James was pleased with his grade, as he found the second paper rather challenging. Will doesn't know his result yet. But I think he did really well!! " JP 2010

"I got a high A thanks. Mum said she would ring you just after I went back to school 6th September." JM 2010

"James did very well in his exams gaining an ... A in Physics and a B in Maths. He got an A in stats so the extra help obviously worked ! He is going to York University which starts in October." JM 2009

"I was very happy to achieve a B in [GCSE] maths! Unit 1-2 I got a B and unit 3 I got an A which all worked out to an overall B. Thank you for helping me in maths." JS 2010

"I was very pleased with my [A2] maths results, I got an overall C. I am now off to Portsmouth University to study Business Studies. Thank you for all your help over the past few years, I couldn't have done it without you!" JS 2012

"Jonathan got a B in maths which he was very pleased with. I'm sure the coaching really helped, so thank you very much for your efforts." JT 2008

"Lydia passed her Maths GCSE and is thrilled with the C and delighted that she won't have to do Maths anymore!! Thanks Frank for helping her to get through the exam. Your tuition really made a difference. This must be a lovely time of year for you as you hear back from all your students!" JW 2009

"N has I believe told you the good news, she achieved an A just a shy short of an A*. Thank you for all the good work you did with N bringing forwards her knowledge, abilities and confidence. If you ever need a testimony please do contact us. I will certainly be your advocate should any parents need an excellent tutor. N will be taking Maths and Physics at A level and if required we may call on your services again." JH 2009

"Paul did very well [in his AS exams]. He got an A overall .... Many thanks for all your help."

"This is just to say a big thank you on behalf of Zoe for all your patience, encouragement and clear explanations re. solving questions in mechanics. I am delighted to say that overall she gained an A in Maths." AH 2008