Tony Parsons: a biography

Sep 23, 2009 taken from
Photo of Tony Parsons
It seems that you are reading these words, maybe sitting on a chair, you are breathing and hearing and perhaps thinking.

... What do you feel if it is suggested that you are not reading these words, and sitting and breathing or thinking? Is it possible that reading these words, sitting, breathing and thinking are simply all that is happening? There is no-one doing anything. Is it even possible that there is no-one? Just space in which things seem to happen?

[ NOTE: I don't necessarily agree with everything that the personalities I have included in my webpages say or do.]

Tony Parsons regularly shares the 'open secret' of 'spiritual awakening' with people who go to hear him at his meetings. He points to the fundamental freedom that is independent of path, process, effort, or belief. He reminds us how there is nothing to become, nor any specific goal to attain. Rather, he points out how a deep-rooted misperception of our true identity has caused us to live in 'apparent' pain and fear. His invitation is to live life from a wholly different perspective.