Sportsmanship Checklist

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Tick the boxes you think are true for you

1.      I obey the rules of the game.

2.      I do what the person in charge says and accept their judgement.

3.      I give my opponent a smile at the start of a tournament game, tell them my name and shake their hand.

4.      I always play fair - I don’t cheat. I don’t mislead my opponent if they ask me a question about the game.

5.      I don’t distract my opponent or other players.

6.      I don’t argue if I disagree with my opponent – I call a person in charge.

7.      When I win, I don’t brag about it.

8.      When I lose,  I don’t complain or make excuses. I learn from my mistakes.

9.      I thank my opponent at the end of a game and perhaps say something like ‘well-played’ or ‘good game’.

10.  I encourage my team-mates – I don’t criticise them.