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Knight fork. Above, the White Knight is attacking both the Black King and the Queen. The King has to move out of check  - so the Knight captures the Queen.

Pawn fork. Above, the White Pawn forks the King and Queen. The King must move and the Pawn captures the Queen.

Queen fork. The white Queen checks the Black King. At the same time she is attacking the Black Rook. The Black King must move out of check - so the Rook is lost.

In each of the positions shown on this page, Black will lose material due to a fork.

Although any piece can create a fork, the Knight fork is perhaps the most common.

If Knights are around, watch out for the fork!

Bishop fork. The White Bishop attacks the Queen and Rook at the same time.

Rook fork. The White Rook attacks both the Black Bishop and the Knight.