Discovered attacks & discovered checks

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A discovered attack happens when moving one of your pieces uncovers an attack by another of your pieces on an enemy piece. When the enemy piece under attack is a King, the discovered attack is instead called a discovered check.

The white king on square e2 (above) moves to d2 (see below), uncovering a check by the queen.

Discovered attack by white Queen on the enemy Queen. In the above diagram, White is able to win the black queen.

She does this by moving  16.Bxh7+ (shown in the diagram below. After 16...Kxh7 White plays 17.Qxd4 and the black queen is lost!

Discovered check by bishop. In the diagram above, the black pawn moves to d4 attacking the white queen and allowing the bishop to check the king. The king must get out of check straight away, so White must lose her Queen.

Can you see how White can use a discovered attack in the diagram below?